My Salsa career started in July of 2010. What started off as a fun hobby very quickly turned into a passion that eventually took over my life. Being in an environment where everybody is self expressing themselves, constantly meeting new people, smiling, laughing and creating a family gets very addicting. In May of 2015 I opened up my first 6 week Salsa class in Framingham MA. My goal from day one was to create a learning environment for people to not only learn the techniques on how to become an expressive Salsa dancer,  but also relieve stress, forget about all their problems and most of all be apart of a family that does not judge one another. Black Mamba Dance Company is not only a place for you to learn how to dance Salsa, but it is a place that people call home. The most rewarding thing I have received in my company is not the money, is not seeing the dancers progress (even though as an instructor is really does feel amazing to see your students progress), but to have so many people express to me how much Black Mamba Dance Company has changed their life. How BMDC is the place that they come to where they feel they can always be themselves and forget about all of their problems. 

  • El Faisan 8:19